Resource Library

Resource Library

Hy-Lok UK is committed to providing the highest quality service to all customers who use our products. Part of that involves providing resources on our website for your use of Hy-Lok products.

Whether you need to learn more about the installation process for our tube fittings or you are interested in the selection process for new needle valves during routine maintenance in your facility, we will strive to provide resources to help you make those decisions.

Below is a comprehensive list of the resources currently available from Hy-Lok UK. All of these resources are offered in conjunction with our nationwide network of distributors. If you have questions about specific products or would like to learn more about the ordering process for Hy-Lok's products from your local distributor, find a Hy-Lok distributor in your area.

Benefits of Proper Training and Installation

Fluid Compatibility Guide

Tube Fittings Installation Guide

Hydraulic Swaging Unit Work Procedure

Key Benefits of Planned Shutdowns

CAD Library

EZY-MAT Instruction Guide

CNG Components Infographic