Hy-Lok is an industry leader in the fabrication and sale of high quality fluid system components.

Hy-Lok supports a broad inventory of standard and non-standard valves, fittings, semiconductor components and hydraulic presetting tools. Hy-Lok continues to push the envelope with new product development, carefully considering customer specifications like pressure, temperature, fluids, flow rate, environment and budget. We are always happy to answer inquiries for the availability or development of any specific valve or fitting.


Hy-Lok valves include needle, ball, plug, check, relief, and instrument manifolds with a variety of end connections, pressure ratings, handles, and materials.


Hy-Lok UK's tube and pipe fittings provide leak-free connections for instrumentation, pneumatics, hydraulics, fluid-delivery systems and other related industries.

High-Purity Components

Hy-Lok's UHP products include diaphragm valves, bellows valves, face-seal and mini-weld fittings in materials and surface finishes to meet your system requirements.

Presetting Tools

Specifically designed to provide a compact installation for gauge or transmitter instruments, these valves feature reduced weight and minimum leakpaths.

Hylok Regulators

Hy-Lok by Concoa / Aura regulators, high quality products at competitive pricing, available with Hy-Lok gauges, excellent availability and service. Besides the products shown here, the full range of Concoa and Aura is available under the Hy-Lok brand

Hose Assemblies

Speciality Hose Assemblies for all applications such as Oil & Gas, Paint Spray, Gas Delivery, Ultra High Pressure, Forklift/ Water Cutting to name but a few

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